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Countries of. This game mode has been discontinued. A game of higher or lower using footballers stats from Wikipedia. .


Higher or Lower: Football Edition is a trivia, quiz game where you can test your Football (Soccer for you Americans) knowledge in an addicting way.


Jul 1, 2021 · class=" fc-falcon">Is it higher or lower than that? Manchester United have won the Premier League 21 times.

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Sep 28, 2021 · The concept is easy: In this edition of the game, you have two options: A red arrow for lower and a green arrow for higher. class=" fc-falcon">Mad Max (1979) has. Comments. FIFA 21HIGHER OR LOWER.

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2. Take this quiz to test you knowledge of transfer values and if they're higher or lower than the previous player.

published 13 September 2020.

Soccer Clubs with Most Titles by Country. Last Updated: February 10th 2022.




class=" fc-falcon">Dieter Bohlen. . Additionally, this site is not endorsed by NBA in any way. Is the actual number higher or lower? An apple is 90% water.

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2. Is it higher or lower than that? Manchester United have won the Premier League 21 times. 200,000$ production cost.

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Guess which country is bigger, who has more money or which item is heavier! Chile. class=" fc-falcon">Mad Max (1979) has. Popular Quizzes Today. 🏀3️⃣ NBA 3 Pointers 🏀🟡🟣 LA Lakers PPG 🎮🏀 NBA 2K23: Player Ratings Back to main menu This Higher or Lower NBA Points Per Game Edition is not endorsed or affiliated with the NBA website or NBA app.